Budget 2019 Highlights

Budget 2019 Highlights – petrol and diesel costlier, digital payments cheaper

After the pre-election Interim Budget presented earlier this year, India’s first full-time woman Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented her maiden Budget today. While it was forward looking and she announced some long-term initiatives, there was not much change or relief for the salaried middle-class. Check out the Budget 2019 highlights: Budget 2019 Highlights Salaried Individuals…

Advance Tax

Advance Tax: How and when to pay it

Advance tax, as the name suggests, means paying taxes in advance, as per a given schedule, before the end of the financial year. You would be familiar with income tax and that it is payable or recovered before the end of a financial year. Currently payable on a quarterly basis, this helps the government get…