About WalnutPay

What is WalnutPay?

WalnutPay is the smartest way to split, chat and settle spends with friends. Use it among friends, family, colleagues and roommates to track and pay shared expenses on trips, vacations, eating out, and daily expenses. You can also send and receive money for FREE.

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Can I split and settle spends with friends on other platforms?

Currently, WalnutPay is available only on Android and iOS.

I’m changing my phone. How can I get my WalnutPay data on the new phone?

If you need to change or reset your phone, no worries – Walnut has your back! So long as your phone number stays the the same, you can get your splits and payments data and continue using the app as before.

Split and Settle Spends With Friends

How Can I Split And Settle Spends?

From the home screen, create a new group by tapping on the Rupee symbol (₹), and the new “Add Group” button below. Add other group members. Tap the “+” button to begin adding spends and allocate amounts in the desired split ratio.

How can I add my debit card and bank details?

On the home screen, tap the “Profile” icon above and then tap on “App Settings” and “Saved Cards & Banks”. You can add a debit card and bank account from there and set either of them as the default instrument for receiving money.

How can I settle spends from WalnutPay?

From within a group, tap on the “You Owe” button. This will show you a list of friends who you owe money to. Tap on the blue WalnutPay icon to initiate the payment. If another user reminds you to settle, you can tap on the “Pay” button in the notification.

Transfer Money To Friends

How can I send and receive money?

Tap the “Transactions” tab below, and then on the “Send Money” or “Request Money” buttons to send and receive money respectively. Select the name of the person, input the amount and a message and you’re done. Currently, money can be sent from a valid Indian MasterCard or Visa debit card, and received on a valid Indian VISA debit card. Support for receiving money to MasterCard/Rupay will be added later. Virtual / prepaid cards like PayZapp, Pockets, Zeta, Oxigen etc are NOT supported – while transactions may still go through, you could face delays with refund in case of unsuccessful transactions.

* Terms & Conditions apply

Can I send money to someone who doesn’t use Walnut?

Only users who have a debit card or a bank account added on Walnut will receive money. If you send money to someone who doesn’t use Walnut, that user will receive an SMS with a link to install the app. Once the SMS is sent, the receiver has to install Walnut and add a debit card or a bank account within 2 days. If a user does not add a card or bank account in 2 days, the money is refunded to you.

How long does it take to transfer money?

If the receiver adds a bank account, the money is transferred within a few minutes. In case of a debit card, it takes up to 2 business days for the money to be transferred.

Can I receive money into any debit card or bank account?

Currently, you can receive money only to your VISA debit card. We are adding support for MasterCard debit card soon.

To receive money into your bank account, add the bank account number and IFS Code of the branch. You can also search for the IFS Code by inputting your bank and branch details.

Money sent to a bank account is received faster than debit card.

What is the maximum amount I can send/receive?

Currently you can send money up to a maximum of

Rs. 5,000/- per debit card, per day

Rs. 25,000/- per debit card, per month

There is no limit on receiving money to a debit card or bank account.

Money is debited from my account, but receiver didn’t get. What should I do?

The WalnutPay service is offered in collaboration with banks, payment gateway, NPCI and card networks (MasterCard/Visa). At times, there can be server/network issues with either of them due to which a transaction is unsuccessful or remains stuck in a pending state.

To know the status of a transaction, select it from Recent Payments page and tap the envelope icon beside “Email Us” to send us a support mail with transaction details so we can check and confirm.

The app makes multiple attempts to process the transaction before finally returning a failure status, after which a refund is initiated for credit to your account within 7 business days (excluding bank holidays).

Rest asssured, your money is safe at all times.


For any other app related issues, you can email us on help@getwalnut.com