Walnut and WalnutPay are products of Thumbworks Technologies Pvt. Ltd., and have helped over a million users become more financially savvy and aware of their spending habits.


WalnutPay for iOS

Use WalnutPay to Split & Settle spends with friends, as well as transfer money to them for free using just your Debit Card. No need to settle in mobile wallets or ask for account numbers and IFSC codes.


Walnut for Android

Walnut reimagines the SMS inbox, and surfaces important information about spends, bills and tickets automatically. Split and settle spends with friends, as well as transfer money to them for free. Pay your Visa credit card bills from within the app itself.


Money Made Simple

Walnut and WalnutPay aim to make it simple for users to understand and manage their finances with as little input as possible. The fintech space in India is still nascent. While banks have done a great job at providing financial access to the larger Indian public, Walnut is building a smart and intelligent offering on top of data provided by banks to help users manage money and payments frictionlessly.


Thumbworks Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a young, dynamic and growing company based in Pune. Email jobs@getwalnut.com if you want to join us!

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